Regular Pool Maintenance: Tips for Maintaining Your Pool this Summer

feet hang out of the in ground pool as people float.

With all of the materials at hand, you have the essentials to keep your pool healthy. Now it’s just about putting those tools to proper use. Being able to maintain your pool and perform regular cleanings and maintenance on your pool is an important factor in making sure you and your family and friends get to enjoy this past-time all summer long.

Easy Pool Maintenance Tips for Those in Kansas City

1. Make sure a professional checks your pool pump at the beginning and end of each season. 

Your pool pump is what keeps everything running smoothly. It helps the water to circulate around the pool and it should be on for the majority of the time you use your pool in the summer. This helps the chemicals circulate properly throughout the pool, move floating debris around to be captured by skimmers, and keep your water from standing stagnant and collecting algae. 

Because your pool pump is so vital to the health of your pool and is such a technical piece of equipment, we highly suggest you get your pool pump checked out at least 2x during your pool season. Once before opening up for the summer season make sure everything is working properly and again before you close your pool down, so you can work to properly winterize your pump to ensure it lasts another season. 

While we recommend at least 2 visits from a professional if your pool seems to be having issues you might need your pool maintenance company to come out and perform some routine maintenance and repairs. 

2. Make sure you go out every other day and use your manual pool skimmer to remove debris from the pool.

One way you can work to keep your pool clean and functioning properly is by cleaning out any fallen debris from the top of the pool. This helps keep dirt and grime from building up within your pool system. An additional plus – you and your family always have clean water to swim in when you are ready.

3. Clean out your “in-pool” pool skimmers every other day to avoid them overfilling with debris.

Just as you need to regularly sweep the surface of your pool with a manual skimmer regularly, you also need to check your built-in pool skimmers and regularly empty them out. These skimmers also collect bugs, leaves, flowers, grass clippings, and anything else that might find its way into your pool. Regular cleanings ensure your pool stays clean when your family goes in for a cannonball. 

4. Scrub your pool walls and floor with a brush once a month.

Dirt can sink to the bottom of your pool and you can start to see build-up or even staining after a while, a monthly scrub could keep any grime from building up around the bottom and edges of the pool. It keeps your pool looking sparkly clean and new and helps you avoid potential resurfacing repairs down the road.

5. Test the pH levels in the pool every week and adjust the pool chemicals accordingly.

Regular maintenance of your pH levels is a crucial part of pool ownership. The chemical levels in your pool keep your family safe and your pool clean and functioning. When those levels are off or not properly maintained you can do a lot of damage to your pool. 

Avoid costly and lengthy repairs by regularly checking and adjusting your pool pH levels. 

6. Work with a professional to winterize your pool properly.

If you are investing in a pool you want it to last for years to come. The best way for those in Kansas City to take care of their pool is to hire a professional pool cleaner and maintenance company to work with you to properly winterize your pool for those frigid winters. This helps ensure all the hardware that makes up your pool is protected all year round.

Know that a successful pool season next year means working to prepare your pool for the winter this year.

Maintenance Takes Dedication to Your Pool

Having a pool is a ton of fun for all your friends and family, but in order to keep up with the fun, you need to take care of your pool. Maintenance is so important to continue the good times and avoid expensive repairs down the road. 

It can feel overwhelming to take on such a large responsibility without any prior experience, but you aren’t in it alone! Overland Park Pool Cleaning is here to lend you our expert advice and help you navigate your pool maintenance. We can help you with anything from winterizing your pool to regular maintenance on your pool. Make sure your pool functions year in and year out with OP Pooling Cleaning. If you are interested in having your pool cleaned or are just looking for someone to help you maintain your pool give us a call. We would be happy to help!