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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance in Lee's Summit Missouri

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Lee's Summit Pool Cleaning is the leader in pool services for the Missouri side of the Kansas City metro area. We know that maintaining your pool can be a huge pain but that's why we're in business, to help you enjoy your pool more each and every summer. Our service area includes not only Lee's Summit but even the surrounding areas of Independence, Blue Springs, Raytown, Raymore, Belton, and more.

Pool owners often wonder if they should continue trying to maintain their pools alone or hire some help. It's a difficult decision to make because you want to save money but you also want to enjoy your pool. When starting our company we wanted to provide pool owners with an affordable option that will allow them to be able to enjoy their pool more and never have to worry about cloudy or dirty water again. By providing excellent customer service and making our rates affordable we've been able to help homeowners just like you each and every day save money and spend more time poolside.

Pool Cleaners in Lees Summit

We are experts in pool cleaning but that's not all. A lot of times it's hard to find a company that will handle all of your needs and you have to shop for multiple companies to give you quotes. Luckily with us that's not a problem. Our company can repair any pipes, lining, grout, or other repair items that your pool or spa may need. Your job isn't too big or small for us, we handle all size jobs for an affordable rate. If you have anything that needs to be fixed on your pool or just some regular cleaning give us a call or fill out our quick form today!

Maintaining a pool can be hard work and knowing everything to do when opening and closing your pool is a huge hassle but extremely important. That's why we have a checklist that we go through for each pool opening and closing. Winters can be rough in Lee's Summit and pipes will freeze if not properly drained for the winter. If you don't close your pool properly it can be a costly mistake. One of the things we do for customers if they don't want us to close their pools is hand out a guide on how to properly close a pool, let you know what you'll need to do the job, how to winterize your pipes, and more!

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